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1. FIND Nissan Radio Code Serial
Remove the radio and find the serial number on the top case label.
2. GET Code
Make a note of the PP • PN • CL • DS • DW serial and enter code into the unlock box to process your code order. For Connect Bosch LCN EU Navigation Models, Enter any code 3 times followed by ENTER to display your seven digit code details on screen.
3. ENTER Code
Enter the code retrieved on your Nissan radio to reset and restore functions and get your radio working again.

Radio Code Found!
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enter radio serial BP538761132843 9596739 CL0818A0088368 PP3000MB0003742 PN3001PA0014571 DS1AN0353905BH30D DW4BN0597412BH30D

Displayed On Screen : In 10 Minutes

Free Nissan Radio Code Search Unlocked by Serial Number

Online Nissan Radio Code decoding service, need help please view the "how to" article guides located below. We only supply genuine working Skoda radio unlock codes with 1000's of satisfied customers served.


How to Get Nissan Radio Code?

Radio's Unlocked

Nissan Blaupunkt Radio Code

K12 • MMR

Nissan Daewoo Radio Code

17 Digit Serial Code • Part No. 28185BH30D Model No. AGC-0071RF • AGC-0070RF • DAEWOO IS CORP

Nissan Clarion Radio Code

PP-242 • PN-3000 • PN-3001 • PP-3000

Bosch • LCN EU • Satnav

Model's Unlocked

Radio Code for Nissan Juke

Nissan Qashqai Radio Code

Radio Code for Nissan Qashqai

Radio Code for Nissan Micra

Radio Code for Nissan Note

Radio Code for Nissan Navara

Radio Code for NV200 Radio

Radio Code for Nissan Primastar

Nissan Pulsar Radio Code

Radio Code for Nissan Pulsar

Nissan Connect Radio 

To get a Nissan radio code, you can get the serial number, by turning on your Car ignition to ACC Position, Switch ON your device, starting your car engine is Not required.

If your radio displays Radio Code on the radio's screen, enter a randomly generated code to up to THREE times, for example 0 0 0 0 Your radio will now be locked for 60 minutes, with the serial number, Device code & Radio's Date code, shown on display screen, follow input instructions, by entering your 7 digit serial code.

Nissan Radio Serial Display Code:

Serial Code: 1685758

Device Code: 7645358316

Date Code: 13.01.16

Make a Note of all 3 codes, as will be required when entering your details, to get your Nissan radio unlock code from our online service.

Nissan Bosch LCN EU Connect Display Serial Number
Nissan Daewoo Display Radio Serial Number

Nissan Daewoo Radio 

Nissan Daewoo radio code serial are located on the rear of your radio, the radio MUST be removed to view serial number label code, your serial will begin with the following code formats, DW or DS followed by 15 digit alphanumeric code. Additional information is required on Nissan Daewoo radio code processing, onscreen help instructions available.

Nissan Daewoo Serial Code Label 

DW Type Code: DW37N0266103BH30D

DS Type Code: DS37N0266103BH30D

Part Code: 28185BH30D

Date Code: 07.28.2010

Nissan Clarion Radio

Nissan Clarion radio code serial are located on the back of your radio, your Nissan radio must be removed, to be able to view your serial number, Nissan Clarion serials begin with CL, PN or PP followed by 12 digit alphanumeric code.

Nissan Clarion Serial Code Label

CL Type Code: CL380030293000

PN Type  Code PN2392MB1002232

PP Type Code PP3000MB0000239

Nissan Bluapunkt Radio 

To get a Radio Code on Blaupunkt & K12 radio system models, the seial number can be found located on the radio's label, begin with "BP" followed by 12 characters.

The Part Number of your Radio is also required to unlock your radio, it will begin with 76 followed by 8 numerical digits.

Nissan Blaupunkt Serial Code Label

BP Type Code: BP375758484285

Blaupunkt Part Code: 7612648574

Nissan Daewoo Radio Code Serial Label | BP Model
Nissan Blaupunkt Radio Code Serial Label | BP
Nissan Clarion Radio Code Serial Label | CL | PN | PP

To Enter your Nissan radio code, Switch ON your Nissan radio, 'CODE IN' should be displayed on the radios screen.

Press Button 1 until the correct 1st digit of the code is displayed.
Press Button 2 until the correct 2nd digit of the code is displayed.
Press Button 3 until the correct 3rd digit of the code is displayed.
Button 4 until the correct 4th digit of the code is displayed.

Now to Input Nissan Radio Code you will need to Press & Hold Preset "6", TA or the SEEK button until the radio unlocks, normally around 10 - 15 Seconds.

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