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1. FIND Skoda Radio Serial
Remove the radio and find the serial number on the side case label.
2. GET Code
Make a note of the SKZ serial and enter code into the unlock box to process your code.
3. ENTER Code
Enter the code retrieved on your Skoda radio to reset and restore functions and get your radio working again.

Radio Code Found!
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SKZ1Z234567890 remove radio to find side case label

Displayed On Screen : in 10 minutes

Free Skoda Radio Code Search Unlocked by Serial Number

Online Skoda Radio Code decoding service, need help please view the "how to" article guides located below. We only supply genuine working Skoda radio unlock codes with 1000's of satisfied customers served.


How to Get Skoda Radio Code?

Radio Code for Skoda Car

Works on all Skoda Cars, Makes & Manufacturered Year Models

Skoda Octavia Radio Code

Car Radio Unlock Code for Skoda Octavia

Skoda Fabia Radio Code

Car Radio Unlock Code for Skoda Fabia

To get your Skoda radio code, you will need to remove the radio from the dashboard, to locate serial number label. This task is easy if you own the removal keys for your Skoda radio. Otherwise, you can order it on Amazon for 1 or 2 £, clicking here

The Serial Number you are looking for is located on the radio's label and starts with "SKZ" followed by 11 characters. Example: SKZ2Z3C1584108. This is all you require to unlock your Skoda radio unlock code.

Skoda Radio Code Serial Label | SKZ

• Once your radio is on and appears in “SAFE” mode

• After about 2 seconds "1000” will appear on your device display.

• Press button 1 until the correct 1st digit of the code is displayed.

• Press button 2 until the correct 2nd digit of the code is displayed.

• Press button 3 until the correct 3rd digit of the code is displayed.

• Press button 4 until the correct 4th digit of the code is displayed.

• Pressing the control button to input your Skoda Radio Code and your code will be stored with access granted.


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