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You can unlock your Chrysler radio using the 14 digit serial number that starts with T or BE. You will need to find the serial number written on a barcode side case label or etched into the side casing of your radio. All Chrysler Radio Codes are sent instantly by email, once the code has been retrieved.

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Online Chrysler Radio Code decoding service, need help please view our Free "how to" article guides located below. We only supply genuine working Chrysler radio unlock codes with 1000's of satisfied customers served.


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To get your Chrysler radio code from the serial number, you will need to remove your radio from the dashboard, to locate your car radio system code. Simple tools will be required to remove your radio, security keys, screwdrivers, etc. Please view our How to find video guides for further help instructions on locating required details.

Serial numbers can be obtained from the radio's unique identification printed barcode Label.

Chrysler Alpine Radio 

Chrysler Alpine radio serials begin with "TT", "TQ", "TC", "TD", "TZ", "TH" or "TB" followed by 12 characters. Example: TQ1AA349831768. For easy identification, view the label illustration below

Chrysler Mitsubishi Radio 

Chrysler Mitsubishi radio serials begin with "T00" (zero-zero) followed by 11 characters. Example: T00AM1951T5289. For this type of serial, you also need the Model Number, which starts with "P" + 10 characters. Example: P05091179AA.

Chrysler Panasonic Radio 

Chrysler Panasonic radio serials begin with "TM" followed by 10 characters. Example: TM9213399867. For this type of serial, you also need the Part Number, which starts with "P" followed by 10 characters. Example: P68210557AB This is all we require to retrieve your unlock code your Chrysler radio.

Chrysler Continental Radio 

Chrysler Continental radio serials begin with "TV" + 12 characters. Example: TVPQN32840PSTU.


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